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BeerLab is the first beer laboratory in Italian-speaking Switzerland with a space dedicated to micro production.

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BeerLab is the first beer laboratory in Italian-speaking Switzerland with a space dedicated to microbrewing. Here you will have at your disposal all the equipment to produce your personalised craft beer. An experienced brewer will accompany you through all the stages of processing the basic ingredients (from drafting the recipe, to the choice of malts and yeasts, to must  preparation and fermentation). Approximately twenty litres of beer can be produced, according to your personal taste.

After about three weeks, where the precious must completes its maturation,  you can proceed to bottling in bottles of your choice of 0.3/0.5/0.75 l.

The average duration of the "technical sensory" experience is about 4 hours and generally takes place on a Saturday, usually for 2 people per location. Other dates can be arranged by telephone directly with BeerLab.

If only one person carries out the experience, the basic fee is CHF 350. If the experience is carried out by two persons, the basic fee is CHF 400. For groups of more than 2 persons, please contact us.

The cost refers to the indicative production of 45 bottles of 0.33l.

If you already have brewing experience, you can work independently under the supervision of one of our experienced brewers. This will allow you to experiment with less easy styles or collaborate with friends to expand the  range of beers that you can also keep for gifts or events. Let us know your recipe in advance and everything will be at your disposal on the day of the brew.

Furthermore, if you would like to use kegs, customise the bottles with special or special labels, perhaps for a party or an important event, for an extra charge we can  find the solution that suits you best.

"Become a brewer for a day" can be an interesting experience for a special gift, for a birthday party, for a corporate event, for a personal or company experience and for acquiring  skills that you can eventually put into practice on your own

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