# 101 Styles

The BeerLab's big challenge

Reproducing the 101 officially registered beer styles from the BJCP (Beer Judge Certification Program) will be the challenge we will try to overcome. For the first time in Ticino and (perhaps) in Switzerland, we will attempt a feat that few others in the world have done: create and taste all 101 'official' beerstyles. Each production will take place, as a rule, in Gordola at the BeerLab premises on a weekly basis and will be open to all those who want to be part ofthis challenge! 

A whirlwind of malts and hops will be the stars, along with your curiosity and desire to learn more about 101 styles!

# 101 Styles


Degustazione Best Bitter Fabio Colombo

Scheda tecnica

Imperial Stout

Scheda tecnica

Belgian Single

Scheda tecnica