The laboratory for beer art and culture


We are a small, diverse group of people, united by a passion for beer in all its aspects, who have decided to build a place where technology and brewing culture come together.

BeerLab aims to be an experimental place for the dissemination of the art of brewing that is unique and open to all, where quality is amalgamated with innovation and respect for territories and their traditions.

Culture, training, micro production, awareness-raising and promotion of the production chain integrating cultural, educational, recreational and tasting elements characterise the Beer part, while the technical-productive, experiential and experimental elements are typical of the Lab part. Our proposals offer anyone a special, customisedand quality experience, whether for individuals, small or large groups (corporate events, team-building, etc.).

What they say about us

BeerLab: A heady journey into the universe of beer

BeerLab: from dream to reality


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